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BREED:  Bay Quarter Horse   Ht: 14.3 H  

DOB:  1998


Cookie served as a lesson horse for many years and also excelled as a show horse at local hunter shows. She was first brought to the attention of our GRACE Rides ambassadors in 2014 by our Board Member, Kristy Brooks, who had known her during her good (and lovely…) show horse years.  Sadly, at that time Kristy had found Cookie with a dejected spirit, living in rough conditions with an individual who had more horses than his budget and time could properly support. 


Our first visit with Cookie revealed that she was much under weight, was in need of immediate hoof care, and was suffering from significant rain rot and fungus in her coat and skin.  The owner refused to donate Cookie.  When Tamara Robinson, a past lessor of Cookie, heard of the situation, she donated funds to purchase Cookie out of the bad situation and sponsor her for her first year at GRACE Rides.  

Cookie’s career at GRACE began, after her successful rescue, by the summer of 2014.  After a few months for recovery and rehabilitation, Cookie began serving in our therapeutic riding program, and quickly became a favorite of everyone.  She is always loving, always gentle, always agreeable with whatever is asked of her, and always careful with her handlers and riders.  By late 2017, she also began to serve in our mental health program, again with spectacular accolades from everyone working with her.


Cookie is in need of a sponsor

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