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Alice's Story

Alice came to GRACE Rides in September of 2015. At that time, she was living with a family that attempted to care for her well, but had insufficient time for her. Prior to that home, she had been removed from an owner for abuse, after having been “branded” by cutting of her face with a knife and leaving it untreated for major scarring. 


When our GRACE Rides ambassadors first met her, Alice ran away from everyone. It took about 2 hours of steady work to eventually corner her in a paddock area to get a halter on her, in order to bring her to our facility.  For many months, she continued to avoid human contact. After a while, she began to warm up to people, especially the smaller versions!  She eventually would be the first at the fence when she knew children were present, offering up her scarred face for a loving rub. 


Alice began more intensive training in summer of 2018, and has been learning very quickly.  She has a sweet heart, and aims to please.  She has come to enjoy time with humans (even bigger ones…), and is working well in our mental health program.  While serving at Summer Camp as a painting canvas (a job that takes much patience…), some of our young campers decided that she needed a different story – they proposed that Alice is actually a unicorn, who suffered the scarring on her forehead when someone removed her magic horn!  That’s a better tale than reality was for Alice, and we are happy to have her as part of our family at our GRACE Rides home.  She is looking forward to beginning work not only in mental health, but also in our therapeutic riding program, very soon.


Alice is in need of a sponsor!

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