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The mission of GRACE Rides is to provide a quality environment and program for extending the benefits of equine-assisted activities and therapies to individuals with special needs (physical, cognitive and/or emotional) in a loving community to improve the lives of each program participant, their family members, our service horses and every volunteer.

Join the Team

We love introducing new people to the GRACE community. Get started now and see where you fit the best. New riders, volunteers and supporters join up most everyday by filling out the correct forms and jumping right into our simple training programs.

The Grace story

Grace Rides began because a small group of people decided to take a small step towards a God sized vision to love and serve others using horses as healers in the lives of people who need them.  Since we began, we have watched so many stories of God using people of all abilities to create a truly inclusive and diverse community living out  the principals of love and service for one another.

Give to Grace

GRACE is a generous, volunteer based community at every level. We share our resources to keep this healing place thriving and prospering. No hour or dollar or prayer is wasted when poured into the work on this hill!


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